"In pond" biofiltration
AquaMats are ideal for ponds that struggle to maintain acceptable water clarity. Within weeks of introducing AquaMats to a problem pond, water clarity will improve dramatically as biological activity from phytoplankton (which obscure water clarity) is suppressed in place of natural food production on AquaMat surfaces. AquaMats will continue to enhance water health and clarity for years.

AquaMats stabilize water quality by:

  • Controlling build up of toxins like nitrites and ammonia
  • Increasing dissolved oxygen levels
  • Providing a safety net against failure or interruption of mechanical systems
  • Reducing the load on existing biofiltration systems

Aquatic habitat and structureAquaMats may be contoured to the shape and depth of the pond to provide optimal cover, or even moved during the year to adjust for plant growth. Ornamental pond fish like koi and goldfish will come to rely on AquaMats as their preferred place for shelter and play.

Natural food production
As AquaMats mature in the pond, they provide a regenerative natural food supplement for both fish and desirable aquatic plants. The growth supported directly on the surface of the AquaMat provides a full complement of micro-nutrients for fish and vitamins for nutrition, growth and disease resistance. Plants will benefit from the shedding of mature biomass from the AquaMats, which acts as insulation against disease.

What are AquaMats?
AquaMats are a revolutionary line of patented aquatic technology products. They resemble aquatic grass and provide aquatic habitat, in situ biofiltration, and supplemental natural food production a wide range of aquatic species and environments.

What are AquaMats made of?
AquaMats are a completely environmentally-friendly solution. The polymers used in AquaMats are food-grade in quality. Materials contain no binders or phthalates. There is nothing to leach into the water. When AquaMats have reached the upper limits of their use, they are completely recyclable.

How long do AquaMats last?
AquaMats will last for some time they come with a with a five-year warranty! Heirloom Gardens will replace any AquaMat that fails mechanically within the warranty period.

Do AquaMats have to be cleaned?
AquaMats are bio-engineered to be cleaned, or grazed, by pond fish like koi and goldfish. However, AquaMats can also be hand cleaned at pond side, for which there is a quick and easy manual procedure.

Can I use AquaMats instead of filters?
No. AquaMats are designed to complement for filtration systems. Since a single AquaMat yields the effective surface area of tennis court, it acts to greatly reduce the biological load that your system has to deal with.

Are AquaMats right for my pond?
AquaMats are right for every pond! We are so sure that you will love your AquaMats that we stand behind every sale we make with a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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