Chinese Evergreen Care

Chinese EvergreensChinese evergreens, or Aglaonemas, grow in a variety of heights and have a range of leaf colors and leaf characteristics. They are excellent interior plants that tolerate neglect and poor environmental conditions. Many varieties will grow in water culture, but after extended periods in water will begin to regress and should be potted in soil.

Soil, Fertilizer & Light

Chinese evergreens are tolerant of most soils, but will thrive in rich, aerated soil, such as Heirloom Gardens Premium Potting Mix. Fertilize lightly with a soluble plant food, such as Colorstar.

All Aglaonemas do well in low to medium light.

Watering Chinese Evergreen

Never let Chinese evergreens dry out completely. They will tolerate moist conditions; however, they grow best if allowed to dry slightly between waterings.

Insects & Pests

Mealy bugs are the most common Chinese evergreen pest. Apply Di-Syston Granules as a preventative. If you notice leaf pests, spray with Orthene Wettable Powder, Malathion, or Diazinon per label instructions.

Common Varieties of Chinese Evergreen

Below are some of the more popular varieties of Chinese evergreen in Central Texas.

Commutatum Chinese Evergreen
  • Aglaonema Commutatun
  • Habitat: Philippine Islands, Ceylon
  • Moderate, upright, spreader to about two feet. Leaves are usually less than 10 inches long and four inches wide. Mostly oblong-elliptic to lanceolate. Foliage is dark green with silver-gray marking along primary veins. White spathe-type blossom is followed by red berries
Roebelinni Chinese Evergreen
  • Aglaonema crispum Roebelinii
  • Habitat: Philippine Islands
  • Moderate upright spreader to about 18 inches. Leaves are usually 10 inches long by 5 inches wide, glossy green, and leathery, with gray-green marbling and light green along lateral veins
Chinese Evergreen Romano, Manila Bankok Jungle
  • Aglaonema Ramano
  • Habitat: Hybrid
  • Silver-gray blotched foliage with dark green surroundings. Leaves are slightly rippled, giving foliage a wavy look
Silver Queen Agalonema
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen
  • Habitat: Hybrid
  • One of the most popular Aglaonemas. Leaves are mostly silver-gray with irregular markings of dark green on interior, often showing only a narrow edge of dark green around the leaf
White Rajah Chinese Evergreen
  • Aglaonema Commutatum Pseudobracteatum
  • Habitat: Hybrid
  • One of the tallest Aglaonemas. May reach a height of 5 feet. Free-standing with stems bending as plant grows. Stalks are milky white. Leaves can be 10 inches long and 4 inches wide and heavily colored from cream to gray, with outer edges green

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