Edible & Medicinal Landscaping Plants

  • Herbs (not erbs)

Shade Trees

  • Ginkgo - tea from leaves
  • Jujube - fruit
  • Linden - tea from flowers
  • Mulberry - fruit
  • Pecan - edible nuts
  • Persimmon - fruit
  • Walnut - edible nuts


  • Agarita - fruit for wine and jellies
  • Althea - edible flowers
  • Bay - tea and, food seasoning from leaves
  • Germander - freshens air indoors
  • Pomegranate - edible fruit
  • Turk's cap - flowers and fruit for tea


  • Begonias - edible flowers
  • Daylilies - edible flowers
  • Dianthus - edible flowers
  • Ginger - food, seasoning and tea from roots
  • Hibiscus - edible flowers
  • Johnny jump-ups - edible flowers
  • Nasturtium - edible leaves
  • Pansies - edible flowers
  • Peanuts - edible nuts
  • Purslane - edible leaves
  • Sunflower - edible seeds and flower petals


  • Beans and Peas - edible pods and seed
  • Gourds - dippers and bird houses
  • Grapes - food (fruit and leaves)
  • Luffa - sponges from the fruit, edible flowers
  • Malabar spinach - edible foliage
  • Passion flower - edible fruit, tea from leaves

Ornamental Trees

  • Apple - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Apricot - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Citrus - edible fruit
  • Crabapple - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Fig fruit
  • Mexican plum fruit
  • Peach - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Pear - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Persimmon fruit
  • Plum - fruit and edible flower petals
  • Redbud - edible flowers
  • Rusty blackhaw viburnum - edible berries
  • Witch hazel - tea from leaves, edible seeds
  • Anise hyssop- edible flowers, foliage for tea
  • Blackberries - edible berries, foliage for tea
  • Chives - edible foliage and flowers
  • Garlic - edible flowers, greens and cloves
  • Hibiscus - edible flowers
  • Hoja santa - leaves for cooking with meats
  • Horsemint - insect repellent
  • Jerusalem artichoke - roots for food
  • Lavender - teas and insect repellent
  • Monarda - edible flowers and leaves for teas
  • Peppers - edible fruit
  • Purple coneflower - all plant parts for teas
  • Rosemary - food and tea from leaves and flowers
  • Roses - petals and hips for tea
  • Salvia - edible flowers, foliage for teas
  • Sweet marigold - food, flavoring and tea from leaves and flowers
  • Tansy - chopped and crushed foliage repels ants
  • Turks cap - flowers & fruit for tea

Ground Covers

  • Clover - tea from leaves and flowers
  • Creeping thyme - teas and food flavoring
  • Gotu kola - tea from leaves
  • Mints - food and teas from flowers and leaves
  • Oregano - teas and food flavoring
  • Violets - leaves in salads and tea from flowers and leaves

Note: Pregnant women should avoid all strong herbs and no plant should be ingested in excess by anyone. None of these should be eaten unless they have been grown organically.

Edible Flowers

Aloe vera, althea, apple blossoms, arugula, basil, begonia, borage, broccoli, calendula, chicory, chives - onion and garlic, clover, coriander, dandelion, dill, elderberry, English daisy, fennel, hyssop lavender, lemon, lilac, mint, monarda - red flowered M. didyma, mum (base of petal is bitter), mustard, okra, orange, oregano, pea (except for sweet peas), pineapple sage, radish, redbud, rosemary, scented geranium, society garlic, sweet woodruff, squash blossoms, thyme, violet, winter savory, yucca (petals only).

Rules for Edible Flowers

  1. Not all flowers are edible. Some are poisonous. Learn the difference.
  2. Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible and non-toxic.
  3. Eat only flowers that have been grown organically, toxic materials collect in the reproductive plant parts.
  4. Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers unless you know they've been maintained organically.
  5. Do not eat flowers if you have hay fever, asthma or allergies.
  6. Do not eat flowers growing on the side of the road.
  7. Remove pistils and stamens from flowers before eating. Eat only the petals, especially of large flowers.
  8. Introduce flowers into your diet the way you would new foods to a baby one at a time in small quantities.

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