General Garden Bed Preparation Formula

Preparing your garden bed properly is one of the most important gardening tasks you will perform. Heirloom Gardens recommends the following for approximately 100 square feet of bed area (length times width equals your bed area in square feet):

  1. Remove grass, mortar, rocks, boards, hard clay, etc. from the proposed bed area.
    Remove grass, etc. from bed area
  2. Cultivate existing soil 6 inches to 8 inches deep. If the soil is very tight (hard clay content), work 20 pounds of
     agricultural gypsum into the soil during cultivation.
    Add gypsum
  3. We suggest blending the following materials into the existing soil:

- 27 bags of soil mix
- 3 lbs of tree and shrub fertilizer


- 2 to 4 cubic foot bales of sphagnum peat moss
- 1 yard top soil
- 3 lbs of Tree and Shrub Fertilizer
Add fertizer and peat moss

  1. Mix additives in either of the above recommendations thoroughly. As a result of these amendments, bed will be at least 4 inches above the lawn or existing grade.
    Mix thoroughly
  2. Apply lb Amaze weed control for shrub beds only. Follow label directions. DO NOT use in beds where seeds are to be sown.
    Add weed control
  3. Plant the plants at the same ground level as they are growing in the container
    Plant at same level as previous container
  4. Water plants thoroughly making sure that no air pockets remain around the roots of the plants. To reduce planting shock and to insure a vigorous healthy root system, use a root stimulator solution as per directions. Use at the time of planting and at bi-weekly intervals for the first two months.
    Water the plants
  5. Mulch the entire bed area to conserve moisture and retard weed growth using the following amounts:

- 5 bags bark mulch (3 c.f.)

Mulch the entire bed

  1. Thoroughly water the entire bed area after planting. Continue using a root stimulator bi-weekly as per directions for at least 2 months on newly planted shrubs and trees.
    Water the entire bed area after planting

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