“Let’s invite a few friends over for dinner.” That’s what my wife and I said a few years back when discussing hanging some hummingbird feeders. Needless to say, I believe they brought friends!

Creating a hummingbird habitat is much easier then it sounds. The most simple is to add feeders and plant species that once found, brings them back for more.

Most high habitations of hummingbirds are in densely forested yards. Mature trees with a thick canopy offer important nesting and escape features that the birds will use in the garden. If you are starting with a new suburban landscape in a subdivision, you will have to establish a good number of both tall and shrubbery foliages if you are to succeed in giving the birds what they are looking for. 

Feeding hummers is a hobby enjoyed by thousands in Texas every year.  The biggest source of energy for the little guys has always been nectar plants.  Planting HB friendly plants in your garden is one sure way to attract these birds to your backyard.  Typical HB friendly plants are going to be those that are:

Trumpet shaped flowers


Long necked flowers


Good nectar  producers


Brightly colored,  usually red

Long Blooming

Basic bottle feeding can be a supplement BUT feeder management is a MUST. The best feeders are going to be:


Easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning

Free of sharp corners or other small areas where bacteria can collect

Feeders with a perch often offer the best opportunities for these birds to accumulate needed fat reserves before and during migration. Feeders without perches allow the birds to show off some of their unique flying abilities.

Feeders should be cleaned at least every six days during cooler periods and as frequently as daily during extreme heat. When temperatures are constantly along 80 degrees, change at least every other day.

Syrup can be purchased ready to use or create your own by:

    Mix 4 parts water
    With 1 part granulated sugar
    Boiling will slow spoilage.
    Boil for 3-4 minutes.

Red food coloring is not needed but draws them in some believe.

Basic water is also needed for drinking, bathing, and cooling themselves.

HB Plant List offered by Heirloom Gardens:


Flame Acanthus, Anisaconthus quadrifidus

Morning Glory Bush
Coral Honeysuckle, Lonicera semperuirens
Red Yucca
Monarda species
Shrimp Plants
Salvia Species
Shrimp Plants
Standing Cyprus, Ipomopsis rubra
Cuphea- Cigar Plant
Lantana Species
Hamelia species
Cape Honeysuckle
Turks cap
Cross Vine
Purple hyacinth Bean

Agastache species

Rosemary species
Desert Willow
Red hot Poker

Esperanza Yellow & Orange

Coral Bean

Caesalpinia Yellow & Orange