Indoor Palm Tree Care


Indoor plants lend elegance to any indoor environment. Palms are slow to medium growers that can be used as specimen or accent plants. Indoor palms are available in a variety of sizes.


Palms like rich, well drained soil, such as Heirloom Gardens Premium Potting Mix. They like to become pot bound before repotting.

Fertilizing Palms

Fertilize palms lightly and frequently with a water soluble house plant food, such as 20-20-20.

Watering Palms

Palms like to be kept just slightly moist. Over watering indoor palms will cause more problems than allowing them to be too dry. Insert a clean dry pencil into the soil to test. If it comes out clean, water thoroughly. If not, it is still moist and needs no water.

Insects & Diseases

Spider mites, mealy bugs and scale are common pests found on palms. For prevention, apply Di-Syston Granules to soil. If plants become infested, spray malathion, diazinon, or Orthene per label instructions.

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