Information Sheets

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Borders in Landscape Design
Edible & Medicinal Landscaping Plants
Landscape Fern Care
Gardens in Landscape Design
Home Lawn Care: Q&A
Partial List of Perennials for Texas Landscapes (.pdf)
Planting Grass Plugs
St. Augustine & Bermuda Grass
Turf for Landscape
Turf Specifications (.pdf)

Organic Gardening

Basic Organic Gardening
Nolo Bait Biological Insecticide
Nolo Bait Information Fact Sheet
Organic Pest Control in Texas
Organic Rose Gardening
Organic Pecan & Fruit Tree Program

Pest and Weed Control (Conventional)

Lawn Chinch Bugs
Pesticides - Use, Storage, Disposal & Alternatives
Using Herbicides (.pdf)

Plant-Specific Care

Asparaqus - Growing & Care
Bougainvillea Care
Bromeliad Care
Bulbs - Planting & Growing
Chinese Evergreen Care
Chile Peppers - Varieties & Care
Citrus Trees - Varieties & Care
Color Plants - Bed Preparation & Care
Crape Myrtle - Varieties & Characteristics (.pdf
Croton Care
Cyclamen Care
Daylily Care
Ferns - Indoor Fern Care
Ferns - Landscape Fern Care
Hibiscus Care
Ixora Care
Mandevilla Care
Staghorn Ferns - Mounting & Care
Orchid Care
Palm Trees - Indoor Palm Care
Philodendron Selloum Care
Plumeria Care
Poinsettia Care
Roses - Earth-Kind Landscape Roses
Roses - Varieties & Care
Roses - Growing Great Roses
Rosemary Tree Care
Sweet Peas - How to Plant
Tropical Plants - House Plant Care
Tropical Plants - Blooming Tropicals
Zygocactus Care Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter Cactus

Planting Guides, Fertilizing, & Growing Tips

Calculating Fertilizer (.pdf)
Color Plant Characteristics (.pdf)
Container Gardening
Deer Resistant Annuals
Deer Resistant Evergreens Shrubs for Shade
Some Deer Resistant Evergreens Shrubs for Sun (.pdf)
Deer Resistant Perennials (.pdf)
Fertilizing Trees
General Garden Bed Preparation Formula
Guide to Planting Trees
House Plant Light Requirements (.pdf)
Planning a Mass Planting
Planting Trees & Shrubs in the Brazos Valley
Planting Vegetables in the Brazos Valley
Repotting Container Plants
Role of Plant Nutrients
Texas Superstars
Vegetable Planting Guide (.pdf)

Water Gardens

All About Aqua-Mats