Repotting Container Plants

When plant roots fill a pot, the plant needs to be moved to the next size pot. Select a container that will allow one inch of fresh soil mix on all sides of the root mass. For plants in 10 inch containers, move up to 12 inch pots.

Choosing the Container

The principle requirements for containers are that they be well drained and suitable for the plant in the area in which it is to be used.

For planters with drainage holes:

  1. Add potting soil, keeping plant at same level as shown
  2. Firm up soil in pot
  3. Water well and let drain

For planters without drainage holes:

  1. The plant can be placed in a clay pot and inserted in a decorative container
  2. Holes can be drilled in most ceramic planters

Soil and Water

Use one of the bagged, commercially prepared potting soils for repotting or adding to existing soil. To aid drainage and aeration for more plants that like more arid conditions, add 25% coarse sand to the mix.

Be sure the soil level remains one-half to one inch below the top of the container. This will make watering the plant easier.

Water with a root stimulator solution for the next several waterings.

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