Texas Superstar Plants

To help consumers identify the best plants for Texas, Texas A&M Agriculture has created the Texas Superstarô Program, which assures consumers theyll be getting high performance plants with the Texas Superstar label. Texas tested plants make it easier for Texas gardeners to create beautiful, productive landscapes that are both easy to care for and environmentally responsible.

A special team of Texas A&M horticulturists is constantly searching for outstanding landscape plants adapted specifically to Texas. The rigorous statewide testing program usually requires three years of trials for an annual flower and up to eight years for a new woody plant. In order to assess a plants inherent ability to resist disease and insects, no pesticides of any kind are ever applied.

Once testing has been completed, only the most outstanding plants are designated as Texas Superstars. These plants consistently deliver the highest levels of landscape and garden performance, as well as the widest range of adaptation and the strongest pest resistance. Plants receiving this honor are identified with the trademarked Texas Superstar name and logo.

Since Texas Superstar plants are the best of the best, they may cost a little more. However, you can buy with confidence: you will increase your chances for gardening success and will also help to further beautify and protect the environment. A small portion of each sale is returned to Texas A&M to fund additional research into new and exciting Texas plants for your landscape.

Purchasing plants with the Texas Superstar label can reduce the frustration and disappointment that sometimes accompanies untried, unproven plants. Texas Superstar plants have demonstrated superior levels of university-tested performance under the toughest growing conditions in Texas.

To further promote quality of life and environmental protection in Texas, Texas A&M has joined forces with the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association and the Texas Department of Agriculture to conduct a statewide educational campaign entitled, Go Texan with Texas Superstar, which features in-depth information on the use and enjoyment of Texas Superstar plants.

Summary List of Texas Superstars

The following plants are highly recommended by horticulture experts at the Texas A&M Agriculture Program. For more information on these truly outstanding plants, including the name and location of your nearest official Texas Superstar retailer, log on to the Texas Superstar web site.


  • Bunny Bloom Larkspur
  • Burgundy Sun SuperSun Coleus
  • Firebush
  • Glad Star Esperanza
  • Large-flowered Purslane
  • Laura Bush Petunia
  • Mari-mum
  • Mexican Bush Sage
  • New Gold Lantana
  • New Wonder Fan Flower
  • Plum Parfait SuperSun Coleus
  • Texas Bluebonnet
  • Texas Maroon Bluebonnet
  • Trailing Lantana
  • VIP Petunia


  • Blue Princess Verbena
  • Dwarf Mexican Petunia
  • Flare Perennial Hibiscus
  • John Fanick Perennial Phlox
  • Lord Baltimore Perennial Hibiscus
  • Moy Grande Perennial Hibiscus
  • Texas Gold Columbine
  • Victoria Perennial Phlox


  • Belindas Dream Rose

Small Trees

  • Deciduous Holly
  • Lacey Oak
  • Shantung Maple

Medium Trees

  • Chinese Pistache


  • Merced Tomato


  • Satsuma Mandarin

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