Zygocactus Care

Zygocactus FlowerZygocactus, or Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Cactus, is an easily grown potted plant that puts on a show of color several times per year. The branches have a natural droop that suggest a hanging container for best display.

Zygocactus does well indoors near a bright window or any other area in the home, if placed near a grow light. Zygocactus also grows well outdoors in a shaded area.

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Zygocactus Flowers

The Zygocactus has thick, fleshy, grey-green foliage that is flat, roughly 1 inch wide, and that grows in scalloped, 2 to 3 inch, linked sections. The edges of its branches are notched, but not sharp. The plant has no spines. Zygocactus flower petals emanate from the center, giving a blossom in blossom effect. Flowers range in color from pink to reddish, white, or purple.

Light & Soil

These cacti do best in bright, indirect, or curtain-filtered sunlight. They can be placed outdoors in a shaded spot, but should be brought indoors before the first frost.

Use premium potting soil mix.

Watering & Fertilizing

Keep soil evenly moist. Fertilize every two weeks during the growing periods with a good, soluble, blooming plant fertilizer. While Zygocactus is resting, soil moisture should be on the dry side. Do not fertilize. The resting periods range from six to eight weeks. During this time, Zygocactus should be placed in a darker, cool, airy area and watered sparingly. At the end of this period, move the cactus into better lighting and increase watering until soil is moist but not too wet. Fertilize twice a week (as previously mentioned) with a high phosphate plant food. Flower buds will develop in several weeks.

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